Here, I Am Free

The arguing is gone.
The people standing on the cliffs
On opposite sides of the canyon,
Yelling and screaming at each other,
Throwing things at each other,
Are gone.
Their rules are gone.

Their concepts of right and wrong,
Good and evil,
Yes and no,
Black and white,
Appropriate and inappropriate,
Can and can’t.

Republicans and Democrats,
Libertarians and Greens,
Christians and Muslims,
Hard working and entitled,
Saved and damned,
They don’t exist out here.
Outside the tiny world
I once was in.

Faith versus Science,
Man versus Machine,
Us versus them.
All the things they believe,
All the things they stand for,
All the things they cling too,
Fight for,
Go to war for.


The battle of pink and blue,
Male and female,
What defines an individual.

Out here,
There are no rules.
If a male wants to wear pink,
So what?
He remains a male.
If a female wears combat boots.
So what?
She remains a female.

Out here.
People are.
That’s all.
People are.
There is not gender war.
No homophobia.
No trans-phobia.
It’s gone.

All the rules are gone.
All the things that exist
Inside that dome.
Inside that world.
That predefined place.
Where everything is known.
Everything is believed.
Everything is bound.
Everything is limited.
The rules are all there is.

And everything
Is us and them.
What can be done,
And what can’t be done.
What is allowed,
And what isn’t.

Out here,
Outside the little domes,
The rules inside the domes
Are visible.
The limits,
The constraints,
The chains
The rules place on everyone
Inside a little dome

I haven’t found the walls of the big dome I’m in.
I know I’m in a dome.
And when I break free of it,
I’ll be in another dome.
Larger still.
Filled with smaller domes.

There are rules here.
I can feel that.
I can sense that.
But I don’t know what they are.
Where they are.
How they work.

I don’t miss the little domes.
Don’t miss the limited rules.
The strict definitions
Of right and wrong,
Good and evil,
Just and unjust,
Pure and corrupt.

I don’t miss the conflicts,
Black and white,
Us and them,
Our god and their god,
Religion and Science,
Rich and poor,
Matters and doesn’t matter.

Here, everything is new.
Everything is different.

Here, I can explore.
I can seek,
I can look,
I can learn.

Here I have time.
I am not rushed.
There are things I elect to do.
Times I elect to do them.
There is my word.
My choice.
My decision.

Not how things are supposed to be.
Not how things are meant to be.
Not some set of rules
That defines me.
That gives me value.
That makes me useful.

I am.
And I am already useful.
I already have value.
I exist.
And I decide
How to be.
What to do.

And here,
I can change
Who I am.
What I do.

I am not trapped,
By a set of rules
I never made.


I am free.


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