#AtoZ2016 : X Is For Xerox

Sometimes, it’s hard for me
To deal with what I see

Sometimes, it bothers me
The things I see

And I ask,
Why are people all the same?”

No one believes me.
No one understands.
Except the autistics.
Like me.
We understand.

I wonder sometimes,
Is there a machine out there
That turns out copies
Of a master copy of a human?

A human Xerox machine.

I know how humans are born.
I know how random genetics are.
How half a person’s genes
Come from a male parent.
And the other half from a female.
I know that.

But what I don’t understand,
What eludes me,
Is how so many people
End up the same.

Want to know the best part?
They don’t see it.
They can’t see it.
All they see is details.
Little details.

Like how one has a truck,
The other a motorcycle,
And the third a car with a trunk.

Like how one has a two story house.
Another has a one story.
And a third a split level ranch.

“We’re all different!”
That’s what I’ve been told.
That’s what I had
Screamed at me.

Xerox machines don’t make
Perfect copies
You know.
They do a damn good job.
But the copies aren’t perfect.
And if you copy a copy
Enough times
You find that out.
Try it.
You’ll see.

That’s how it is with people.
I think.
The xerox machine
Makes imperfect copies.
Of a master person.

Look at how many people
Define success
The same way.
Look at how many people
The same things.

Everybody’s got a smart phone.
No. Seriously.

I walked through my neighborhood
On a Sunday morning.
And I counted seven men
Mowing their lawns.
On a Sunday morning.
At the same time.

I pay attention
On a Saturday,
Or a Sunday,
And I’ll hear a lawn mower
Somewhere in my neighborhood.
All day long.

Everyone mows their lawn
On the weekend.

I mow mine when I damn well feel like it.
Usually on a Wednesday morning.
Sometimes on a Sunday.
And sometimes
On another day,
Before I go to work.

The neighbors mow their lawns
Every week.
Without fail.
Even if it’s raining.
I’ve seen them outside.
In the rain.

It’s like it’s programmed into them.
Like they have to.
Like they can’t not.

And they tell me
They’re all different.

How many guys do you know
Who shave every day.
I mean every day.
Even on Saturday and Sunday.
Over and over.
And I wonder,
Why do they do that?
They certainly don’t have to.
They wouldn’t lose their job.
If they didn’t shave
On the weekends.

Little clones of each other.
Imperfect clones.
With little differences
In the details.

But if you look past those details.
If you look at bigger things.
At general behavior.
You’ll see what I see.

There’s a Xerox machine somewhere.
Printing out new people.
Day after day.

It’s April 29th, and the A to Z Challenge for 2016 is in it’s last few days. Only 2 more letters to write stories for this month.

Please, go explore the A to Z Challenge, and the sites of others who are participating in this adventure.


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