#AtoZ2016 : F Is For Fragged

On Thursday night, Little Tommy was stretched out on his family’s front lawn, staring at the clouds and the sky. “Hi, Tommy! Whatcha doing?”

Little Tommy groaned, “Hi, Mr. William.” He slowly raised an arm, and waved a hand, then let it flop back to the ground with a whap. “I’m doing nothing.”

“Nothing?” I smiled, “Isn’t that kinda boring?”

“Yeah,” his voice trailed off, and he took a deep breath. “It is. But it’s Okay.”

“You’re okay being bored?”

He took a deep breath, held up a hand to ask me to wait, sighed again, then, “Yeah. Mr. William. I’m fragged.”

I sat down on the grass to keep from falling over from laughter. “Fragged?”

“Yeah, Mr. William.” He kept staring at the sky, “It’s been a long day.”


“I made a fort in the backyard, out of cardboard boxes.” He took a deep breath, “I pulled all kinds of weeds out of Mom’s flower bed,” his hand pointed to the front of his house. “Mom drug me grocery shopping.” He groaned, “Mr. William. I thought she’d never finish.”

I nodded, and nodded, as he talked.

“She made me put my clean clothes in my drawers when she folded them.” He took another deep breath. “Then, she made me check the yard for dog poopies.” He let his arm flop to the ground again. “Mr. William. I’m fragged.”

I tried not to laugh. “It’s OK, Tommy. The day’s almost over.” I pointed at the sun, getting closer to the horizon. “And then you can eat dinner, and crash for the day.”

“I wish!” He raised an arm, and shook his hand, “But Mom’s told me I have to help with the dishes. Then write the alphabet. All 26 letters!” His arm flopped to the ground again. “It’s true, isn’t it, Mr. William.” He sighed. “There’s no rest for the fragged.”

“Well. You have had a rough day, haven’t you.” I waved at him. “Enjoy being bored while you can, Tommy.”

“Oh, but I am, Mr. William! I am!”

I went inside, wondering where he’d learned to use the word fragged so well.

It’s April 7th, the sixth day of the A to Z Challenge for 2016. Only 20 more letters to write stories for this month.

Please, go explore the A to Z Challenge, and the sites of others who are participating in this adventure.


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