Why I Won’t Vote For A Republican.

Time I was blunt. Here’s why I won’t vote for ANY of the Republican candidates for President of the US. And why I don’t vote for Republican candidates at local and state levels where I live.
1. I don’t want to put troops on the ground in the Middle East. I firmly believe any Republican candidate would do so, if elected.
2. I don’t want to my country to have open conflict with Iran, that may well escalate into an open war with Iran.
3. I don’t believe we should build a wall from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean, top it with oceans of razor wire, and shoot anyone who crosses a line in the sand.
4. I don’t believe we should pack all the “Mexicans” and ship them home.
5. I don’t believe we need to add another 10 Trillion dollars to the US National Debt. I do believe, if a Republican candidate should become President, the National Debt will see explosive growth.
6. I don’t believe we should axe Medicare and Social Security. Wouldn’t doing so be the same as saying anyone who has to retire from work deserves to die?
7. I do believe Mental Illness is REAL, and not something made up by the pharmaceutical industry so they can make more money by selling more pills.
8. I do believe homosexuals, bisexuals, and transsexuals are human beings, and deserve the same rights, privileges, protections, and treatments white men receive, both under the law, and within the judicial system.
9. I do believe physical disabilities are a real thing. I do not believe people born with such disabilities, or enduring such disabilities as a result of events in this life, deserve to die because their disabilities make them unable to pay their own way in the economic system.
10. I do NOT believe every family can afford to send their children to private schools. Neither do I believe those schools provide a better education than public schools. In fact, I believe many private schools also teach racism, religious zealotry, bigotry, misogyny, that women are inferior to men, and many other things best left in the 1800s.
11. I do believe the current Republican candidates do not care at all if someone can’t afford medical health insurance, and as a result, can’t obtain the medical care they need. Please note, there is a growing body count of people (human beings such as each of us) who are dying from treatable physical illnesses because they can not afford medical insurance in Republican controlled states. (Check the numbers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, etc.)
12. I believe the literacy rate in the US will decline if any of the Republican candidates becomes President. I also believe the collective education level of the US population will decline if any of the Republican candidates becomes President.
For me, it’s not a simple black and white question, “Does the candidate stand against abortion, or not?” It is more a series of questions including, “How many people will die because of this candidate’s policies? How many people will live on the street because of this candidate’s policies? How many people will end up jailed, for mental health reasons, such as Major Depressive Disorder, Workplace Anxiety, and Social Behavior Disorder, because of this candidate’s policies?”
To those who say, “You vote for someone who is Pro Abortion, and you aren’t a Christian.”
If that’s what you believe defines a Christian, then I am not a Christian.
So be it.

3 thoughts on “Why I Won’t Vote For A Republican.

  1. Well, I could argue just about every point you listed above. I think most every point above is not the truth of what most of the GOP candidates are in agreement with. I don’t think you have been listening to the Republicans & what they say, but possibly only listening to what the Dem’s are telling you because that is what they want you to think. Pray & ask God about all of this & then really be open to listening to what God tells you. I think you know all of us love you Mark. Many blessings!

    • We clearly have different beliefs, and different views with respect to the Republican candidates (and yes, I have studied what they have to say, and frequently seek the perspectives of One America News Network, Fox News, National Register, and other non Democratic party supporting news sources. I study the records of how those candidates vote, and what actions they have taken in the past.

      Then, I ask God for his guidance.

      Note this. I did not say I vote for the Democratic candidate either.

      And, your differing views, and perspectives, are always welcome here. It is our differences that makes us real, that make us unique, that make us priceless.

      Many blessings to you, and yours. May God always walk with your family.

  2. Love this Mark I might not be in the US, but I understand what you are saying, and feel that way about some political parties in my own country – birth and current. Big hugs. Thanks for voicing it.

    And there really does have to be a separation between religion and state, there really does. It’s causing the downfall of a lot of the world at the present that there isn’t. Human rights should have nothing to do with a religious derived belief system. They should transcend that. If we can’t help and love each other irrespective of religion, then we have a problem. If so called ‘Christians’ can’t understand that then they have misunderstood the fundamentals of what their idols were preaching some 2000+ years ago.

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