#ThursThreads Week 193 : The Clock Is Running Out

Dr. Marcia Marie watched the endless motion of the second-hand on the old-fashioned clock on the wall of the lab. She’d insisted on that clock, with hour, minute, and second hands, forever going in circles. The endless motion added a sense of urgency to everything.

Her mind raced through countless images of plants and animals that used to exist. “Who knows how many are gone?” The second-hand moved from 45 to 46. “Is another species gone?”

She couldn’t focus on her work any longer. She had to take a break, rest her mind, feed her body, close her eyes for a little while, so she could continue her work. She already knew her body would shut down and get the rest it needed without her permission if she kept working. She knew she was human, mortal, unable to do the physically impossible.

She ground her teeth together, more out of habit and for stress relief than anything else. She’d broken a tooth last month, ground her teeth together so hard, it split down the middle. She’d had to take time off to have it fixed. She’d lost precious time.

The world, every human on it, every breathing, living person, needed what she and the others were working on. The mass extinction was happening, and without artificial food, no one would survive it.

She set the alarm on her watch for one hour from now, and rested her head on her desk. “The clock is running out.”

244 Words

I wrote this for Siobhan Muir‘s #ThursThreads, Week 193. Please go read all the entries in this week’s #ThursThreads. They are good reading.


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