#VisDare 110 : Repel


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Nuri woke to the gentle chime of her alarm.She got a shower to make sure she was clean, then dressed as required. Every detail had to be right, every bracelet, ring, and arm band had to be right. The headdress was most important, it had to be positioned properly. The massive three heart belt around her waist had to rest properly on her hips to hold the bottom, and the veils up.

As always, the sandals were last.

She knelt before the small altar, drank the required black tea, and waited. In the minutes before the dawn, she left her home, walked across the village square, and stood by the edge of the lake.

It was time.

Nuri danced the dance of light, as had her mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, to repel the evil and darkness of the world from the valley, and the lake.

146 Words

Another story idea, triggered by Angela Goff’s Visual Dare, Week 110. Please read the other entries in this week’s Visual Dare challenge. Be amazed at the magic people can put into 150 words or less.


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