I got nothing.
I’m out of ideas.
I’m out of words.
I’m ready for sleep.

I got nothing.

I’m left with a null string.
A pointer to la-la land.
Where dividing by zero results
In a Not A Number error code.
And there is no pointer to the next record.
Because the root pointer
Points to null.

The big zipola.
Someone let the smoke out of the chips,
And they ain’t working no more.
I’m done.

Z can stand on its own.
‘Cause I’ve got zero ideas for it.

Good night, Irene.
Whoever you are.

Now, I’m off to bed.
The land of nod.
The land of ZZZZZZZZZZs

It’s April 30th, the 26th day of the A to Z Challenge 2015. This is the 26th of 26 pieces I’m writing in April for the challenge. This one’s for the letter Z. I SURVIVED!!!

Now, go read the A to Z Challenge 2015 words created by my writing friends.

Bullish Ink
D Savannah George
Stacy Bennett


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