Thankful For Another Day

Scream soared through the air, high above the desert. Below him was the realm of the Angels. He’d been riding the air currents for two days. The machines provided water and food. He could fly for weeks if needed.

“Please let Merlin and Mystica find a way to end this.”

Scream watched the stone streets and houses. Angel children played in courtyards, flexing their wings, learning to fly. Their mothers watched them, making certain the children didn’t hurt each other. Angels flew between buildings, carrying bread, fruits and food. Everything was normal in their town.

“It would be a shame to destroy this.”

Miss Hooters, a half Angel, floated next to him. “I tried to stop them.”

“I know.”

“They would not listen to me.”

“They are Angels. They listen to no one.”

Scream was glad for her company. Being half Angel, she could sail the air currents for days on end, with no food, no water. There was no way to know her age. He knew she was ancient, far older than she looked, far older than Mystica. “How old are you, Angel?”

Miss Hooters laughed. Scream could see her shape, her curves, the work of art she was, would be difficult for humans, fairies, and possibly other Angels to resist. “Old enough to know not to speak of age.”

He laughed too. She watched him, and he wondered if she’d try to stop him from destroying the Angels home. “You were born here?”

“Yes.” She smiled. “A half-breed.” She floated in the air currents, motionless, the feathers of her wings captured the air and held it long enough to keep her airborn. “My mother lives there.”

“Why did the Angels start this war?”

“They didn’t tell me. I’m not a true Angel, remember?”

“True. You speak with the machines, unlike the other Angels.”

She looked at the town below them, “I hope Mystica and Merlin can work more magic with the machines, and stop this.”

“As do I.” Scream didn’t want to hurt the Angels, especially their children. “War always hurts the innocent. Never the guilty.”

The two of them waited, high above the ground, for Mystica to appear. She would bring the news of the war’s end, or its escalation. He glanced at Miss Hooters. “You will warn them I am coming?”

“Of course.”

“They will leave?”

“We can only hope.” She sighed, “They may not listen to me.”

They watched the sun set on the horizon, both thankful Mystica had not come bearing bad news. Both thankful for another night of peace beneath the stars. Scream wondered how long a dragon could go without sleep. He’d asked Miss Hooters, but all she’d said was, “Long enough.” He knew she could do without sleep for weeks. It had been days already, and she didn’t look tired at all.

“Thank you, Miss Hooters, for keeping me company.”

She flicked her wings and moved beside his head. She put a hand on his rock-like hide, “Thank you, my friend, for working with me to save the children.”

Scream looked to the sky, to the stars. He screamed as he had each night. A warning to the Angels in their town. So they would know to listen to Miss Hooters if the time ever came. And he wondered if humans, no matter their form, would always go to war with themselves.

And the two of them soared on the air currents, high in the sky and waited to see what dawn would bring.

It’s April 23nd, the 19th day of the A to Z Challenge 2015. This is the 19th of 26 pieces I’m writing in April for the challenge. This one’s for the letter T. Tomorrow brings the letter U. I wonder what I’ll write for that.



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