I love her when she smiles.
When I see her smile
In her eyes.
I know she’s happy
When she smiles.
It shows in the way she walks.
The way she holds her shoulders.
The way her hips move.
How she shakes her head.
No matter how I feel.
No matter how bad my day.
When she smiles
Everything’s OK.

I hold her when she cries.
When tears fall from her eyes.
When she cries in silence,
From the things in life
That cause her heart to ache.
And I ask God above,
If he’s sure there’s not a way
My heart could ache
Instead of hers.

I kiss her cheek each night.
When I come to bed.
While she is asleep.
I hope with beautiful dreams
Inside her head.
“Good night, dear,”
Or perhaps
“Good night my love,”
I whisper in her ear.

Someone asked me once
If she was my soul mate.
I told them she was not.
I don’t believe
In that soul mate thing.

But there is something I know.
Of how I feel about her.
Of what she means to me.

She’s my Princess Bride
You see.
My one true love.

Isn’t that how love is?

It’s April 9th, the 8th day of the 2015 A to Z Challenge. This is the 8th of 26 pieces I’m writing in April. Today, the letter H. Tomorrow, the letter I? I have no idea what I’ll write.


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