The Adept

Timmy sat at the desk. He looked at the computer screen. It was black, with no windows, no text. Just an arrow which was apparently the mouse cursor. He shook his head, “What the heck did you download?” He sighed.

Franklin growled, “I didn’t do anything! It just went black!”

Timmy nodded, “Of course.” He pressed the control, alt, and delete keys at the same time. The screen changed to a blue background, with a menu on it. He moved the mouse cursor over the menu option that read, “Task Manager”, and clicked the mouse on it.

The screen turned black again, and a few seconds later, the Windows Task Manager window opened.

“How’d you do that?” Franklin leaned over Timmy’s shoulder. “I couldn’t get it to do anything. I tried everything.”

Timmy didn’t say anything. He looked through the list of Windows Processes, “Yep. There it is.” He clicked on a process named “ClientSvc”, then clicked on the End Task button. A few seconds later, the screen came back, windows and all. “Yep.”

“Oh, thank God! What did you do?”

“Your computer has Conduit Search Protect on it. It’s a virus. Comes in when you download something else. It’s a piggyback.”


“We’ll need to pull your computer off the net for a few hours, and run the removal process. You won’t lose any of your documents.”

Franklin shook his head, “But. But. How am I supposed to work?”

“That’s not my problem. We’ll get the machine back to you soon as we can.” Timmy shutdown the computer, disconnected it from the office network, the keyboard, the mouse, and the display. Then, he unlocked the steel safety cable holding it to Franklin’s desk. “Until then, make do.”

Franklin sat in his chair as he stared at his display. Timmy thought he looked completely lost, and helpless. “You’ll get it back to me today?”

“Yes. In a few hours. Conduit’s not so bad.” Timmy put on a fake smile, “Why don’t you take a few hours off, eat a lunch somewhere, take a walk over at the park?”

He headed toward the computer repair lab. As he did, he heard Franklin pick up the phone, and call his boss to explain what was going on. “The adept from IT said it’ll only take a few hours to fix. Should I go to lunch now?”

The adept. Yep. That’s what they called him, and the others on the repair team. Adepts. Full blown wizards, filled with magic. Timmy looked at the computer he carried, “What else did that idiot do to you?”

He knew, if a few minutes, the computer would tell him what happened. And like any adept wizard, he’d have to adjust the computer settings to prevent Franklin from being an idiot in that same way again.

It’s April 1st, the first day of the 2015 A to Z Challenge. As a participant in the challenge I’ll be writing twenty six peices in April, one for each letter of the alphabet. Days off from the challenge are Sundays. As the month progresses, I’ll be posting a few clips from Heartsong, my work in progress. As for a single theme for the challenge, no. I don’t have one. I don’t like planning ahead. This is the first of the twenty six peices for the month, for the letter A. Tune in tomorrow and we’ll both find out what I’m writing for the letter B.


4 thoughts on “The Adept

  1. I giggled, too. In fact there may have been a moment of laugh-out-loud. Are these all going to be the adventures of the IT guru? Cuz I think I’d like that a lot! 😀 Thanks Mark, good to see you doing the A-to-Z

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