#FinishThatThought Week 2-22 : She Wore A Red Dress

As quickly as she appeared, the woman in the red dress vanished into the woods.

“Did you see that?” I poked Harry in the ribs.


“That woman. In a red dress.”

Harry shook his head. “Now I know we’ve been walking too long. You’re seeing things.”

I shut up, then stared back at the place she’d appeared. That’s when she laughed, “Did you hear that?”

“Hear what?” Harry glared at me. “Geezus. We’ll be back to camp in another hour, and you can eat ‘till you bust.”

She stuck her hand through an opening in the brush and gave me the “come here” signal. “Say what you want, Harry. I know what I saw.” I dashed into the brush where he hand had been a moment earlier, but she was gone.

Well, except for her dress. That was still in the brush. I picked it up. Red velvet. “Damn.” Visions of a woman running through the woods in nothing but her underwear danced in my head. I looked around, wondering which way she could have gone. She laughed again.

That was all I needed. A sound. A direction. I raced to the north-west. She left a trail. A red bra. Then, further on, panties, red again. A broken twig here. A footprint there. I followed her trail. “She wants me to follow her.”

I reached a stream just in time to see her vanish into the brush on the other side. “Geezus.” Yep, she was starkers. I didn’t slow down, taking the stream in three bounding steps, at full run. I plunged into the brush, fought through it, into a clearing. An alcove under the trees, branches and vines formed a natural ceiling. The ground was clear. It was silent. I couldn’t hear a thing.

She was in the middle of the clearing. Not a stitch on. Blonde hair reached halfway down her back. She motioned me to join her. Gorgeous naked woman in the woods, waving at me, smiling, giving me a full view of everything, and a smile that said, “Come here.” Of course, I walked right up.

She kissed me. Next thing I knew, she had me naked too. We had wild sex in the woods.

Turned out, that’s how she lives. Lures people in. Men, women, doesn’t matter. She picks a target, draws them in, has wild, anything goes sex with them. When the sex is over, she leaves.

When she left, I got dressed, headed back the way I’d come.

I never found my way. But I did get to see the skeletal remains of her previous conquests. Good thing I had a pen and notebook with me. It let me write this down. I hope it gets found before she suckers in another sap like me.

463 Words

I wrote this for Week 2-22 (Year 2, week 22) of Alissa Leonard‘s Finish That Thought. Please, go read all the creatively shared stories in this week’s challenge.


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