#MWBB Week 2.26 – A Tale Of Wrath : Another Problem Solved

“I did what I had to, so she could rest peacefully.” Sarah placed the note on Billy’s head, where everyone would see it. “I took care of the problem for her. Since no one else would.” She nodded, and put her hand on her shoulder, over Tammy’s hand.

“You can rest now, Tammy.”

Sarah stood. She pulled the empty clip from her gun, did a quick inspection of the gun to make certain it was in working order, then inserted a full clip. “It’s time, isn’t it.” She touched Tammy’s cheek, let her hand rest for a moment.

“I know you’re sad. But it’s OK. Someone had to fix things. Make things right.”

Tammy’s cheek was warm, and she smiled. She kissed Sarah’s hand and pressed it against her cheek. “Thank you. I love you.” Tammy pulled her hand away, “Now, go. Do what you have to, so you can rest too.”

Sarah nodded, then walked toward the door. She heard sirens wailing in the distance, getting louder. “They’ll be here soon.” She paused a moment, took a deep breath, slowly let it out. “Time for me to end this.”

She walked into chaos. People screamed, “She’s got a gun!” “Oh my God, she shot Billy! She shot him over and over and over!” “Run!” They ran. Away from her. She saw a boy running. Steve. She shot him.

“Boys.” Sarah felt fire in her blood. “Animals.”

She remembered the truth. She knew the truth. How Tammy died. How Billy and his buddies got her drunk. Drugged her. And when she couldn’t say no, when she couldn’t say anything, couldn’t even move, Billy and company stripped her and raped her. They took pictures with their phones. Billy even took a movie of himself banging her.

No one believed Tammy when she said they’d raped her. Billy and his buddies were good boys. They’d only do that if Tammy wanted them to. Even the other girls at school said that. “They didn’t do anything wrong.” They said Tammy enticed them. The way she dressed. Those tight jeans. Those shirts that showed off her boobs.

Tammy cried every night. Every night things got worse.

Tammy wrote a note. She said no one believed her. She said she couldn’t live with it anymore.

Tammy took a bottle of sleeping pills.

Tammy never woke up.

That’s when Sarah saw her. In the mirror. Tammy was there. Behind her. She whispered, “Help me. Help me find peace. Help me rest.”

Sarah saw another boy, running down the hall. She shot him. “It was never Tammy’s fault!” She marched through the school halls, searching for other boys. “It was never Tammy’s fault!” She saw others, hiding in a classroom, beneath their desks. She walked in and shot more boys.

“They raped her! They drugged her!”

She put in another clip and kept shooting. The sirens grew louder. They were outside. It wouldn’t be long. It wouldn’t be long at all.

“It wasn’t her fault! She never let them do that!”

She fired away. She heard them. They were coming. Soon, she could rest.

“They took what they wanted! Like animals! And you blamed her!”

She put in her last clip.

“It was never Tammy’s fault!”

Sarah walked down the hall, toward the sounds of the police.

“Drop the gun! Drop the gun!”

Sarah shot at the ceiling.

When the echos of the gunfire ended, and silence returned to the school’s halls, Sarah’s body was prone in the hall, her blood discolored the tile floor, cruel splashes of dark red in calming beige and gray of the school.

Sarah was gone. It was over.

Wrath laughed. Nothing would change. Just another girl who went crazy. Another killer with a gun. Like so many before her. Another murder of the innocent. Wrath laughed.

“I love the way humans are!” He walked through the halls. “And they have so many schools. So many homes. So many gathering places.” He laughed. “And they love revenge.”

Wrath looked forward to growing the chaos, and raising the body count.

“Life is good.”

As Wrath walked the halls, he laughed. And laughed. And laughed.

“Life is good indeed.”

696 words

This is my entry for Year 2, Week 26 (Week 2.26) of Jeff Tsuruoka‘s Mid-Week Blues-Buster flash fiction challenge. Please, go read the other stories in the challenge.

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