#FinishThatThought Week 2-9 : Problem Solved

I bought the gun because Fred said he’d rather be dead than caught having Sally as a friend.

“What’s wrong with Sally?”

“It was a he. Now, it’s an it.”

At first, I was OK with that. Fred treated her politely when he worked with her. It was when she wasn’t around that things went bad. “I’ll hold it, and walk to the john down the hall, I won’t used that uni-sex thing.” Fred wasn’t the only one. Heads all over the room nodded in agreement, and said, “Damn right!”

Poor Sally. I was the only person who’d go to lunch with her. No one invited her. Fred said, “I don’t want it sitting at my lunch table!”

“It’s a person, Fred! Her name’s Sally!”

He laughed at me, “You’re an idiot.”

So, I took Sally to lunch.

“How can you be friends with that?”

“She’s nice, and kind. Not like you.”

“You’re going to have to decide. You’re one of us, or you’re not.”

So, Fred stopped working with me. And so did the rest of them. Hell, Birthday cards, Get Well cards, all that, they stopped letting me sign them. They didn’t let Sally sign them either. “How can you be friends with that?”

“How can you be such a bastard?”

Then he started quoting the Bible. “You associate with sinners!”

“And you’re not a sinner?”

“I’m a Christian!”

What got me was last week. When Sally walked across the parking lot to her car. She never got there. No one knows who it was that jumped her. They beat her up. Put her in the hospital. And Fred? “It was only a matter of time until someone did that.”

And the rest of them agreed. “Yeah. Cleaning the defective ones out. Getting rid of ‘em.”

“Yeah. It’s lucky they didn’t shoot it.”

“One gun, and the problem’s solved.”

That comments stuck with me. “Clean the defective ones out,” and “One gun and the problem’s solved.” Yeah. It was time to start doing that. Time to start solving problems. So, I bought the gun. And several clips. And filled them all. They all fit in my lunch box. No one knew. Until I pulled that sucker out.

And shot Fred in the head.

And then shot everyone I could.

I gave Fred his wish. He doesn’t have to like Sally. None of them do.

And now, none of them can hurt her anymore.

Problem solved. They won’t be hurting Sally again.

413 Words

I wrote this for Week 2-9 (Year 2, week 9) of Alissa Leonard‘s Finish That Thought. Please, go read all the creatively shared stories in this week’s challenge.


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