Rivers Of Tears

She fought with him. “You can’t understand!”

“True. I can’t.” He never defended himself from her. She cried, and screamed, and pounded her fists against his chest and shoulders, until her tears overwhelmed her, and she collapsed against him. All he did was wrap his strong arms around her, and hold her as she cried endless tears.

Night after night, she woke screaming from the nightmares her dreams had become. Always she leaped from the bed, coated in sweat, ready to flee, to run for her life, to escape her dreams. She lived through that night again, and again. And each time, Stephan was there, beside her. Always, she pounded on his chest and shoulders as she screamed, “Let me die!” Always her terror, her anger, her fear faded, and she collapsed into him, her head on his shoulder as rivers of tears flowed from her eyes. Always he held her while she cried. Always, he had a damp cloth he used to wipe away her tears, when those rivers dried.

Another short clip from my Work In Progress.


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