The Sky Was Torn Apart

“There is someone who will care for you.” The black dragon easily carried her through the alleyways of the kingdom, to a small building. “He lives within.” The dragon used a claw to slice through the locks on the door, then carried her inside.

A man came charging out of the back, carrying a sword. He was big. A warrior. With an air, a presence, that took Ivy’s breath. When the man saw the black dragon, he dropped his sword, and fell to his knees.

“Stephan. Former Captain of the Royal Guard of Princess Eyela. This child needs your protection, and care.”

“Who are you?”

The dragon made no sound.

Ivy saw terror in the man’s eyes. “Merlin?”

The black dragon handed her to Stephan. “Take care of her. I’ll be watching over both of you.” Then, it stepped outside into the darkness, and vanished.

The last thing Ivy heard that night was the sky being torn apart.

This is a little clip from something I’m working on. A project of mine, I’ve named “The White Witch”.


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