#FinishThatThought 38 : Chickens Have Lips

“Chickens have lips,” I observed, staring at the video feed from the rover. “At least on this planet.” I studied the creature in the video. It looked just like a chicken from the history books of Old Earth. Except it had lips, and not a beak.

“Hey! Herry! Look at this!” I motioned Harry over. “The rover found a life form.”

Herry stared at the feel. “What the hell is that?”

“Looks like a chicken.”

“‘Cept it has lips.” He studied the image. “They look just like Bellas.”

I studied them a bit. They did look like Bellas. “I’m going to have the rover follow it. See where it goes.”

“Good idea. Maybe it’ll lead us to more chickens with lips”

It did. That chicken walked a couple of miles, arriving at veritable chickens with lips city. Chickens were everywhere. Moving in organized patterns, like they were walking on sidewalks. They congregated in small groups of two, three or four. The members in the groups were talking to each other. That was my guess, since their lips were moving, and they kept looking at each other, flapping their wings.

They ignored the rover.

I had the rover follow a group of three chickens. They made a right turn around a rock, and the scenery changed, becoming a row of different sized rock structures. I noticed rock structures looked like small, stone houses, with no windows, or doors. Each structure had an opening. The three chickens turned into one of them. I sent the rover in after them.


Herry heard. “What?”

“The chickens just stopped in a bar for drinks.”


He started at the video from the rover. “What?”

It was a bar, complete with bar stools. A dozen chickens sat on the stools, facing a long rock bar. Every so often, a chicken flexed its wings, picked up a stone glass, and had a drink of whatever it contained.
“Well.” Herry shook his head. “This is certainly going to wake up the fanatics, isn’t it.”

I nodded, “I wonder how they’ll explain intelligent chickens?”

“Probably will call them demons, and say we should stay away from them, or wipe them out.” He was right. As a human from Old Earth, I knew we humans had a nasty habit of destroying anything we couldn’t understand. “Probably wipe them out.”

I looked at the chickens on the screen, and tried to think of them as lunch. I almost pulled it off. But it was too disturbing to think of eating chicken lip sandwiches.

424 Words

I wrote this for Week 38 of Alissa Leonard‘s Finish That Thought. Given I’m the Judge this week, my entry is ineligible. But it was fun to write. Please, go read all the creatively shared stories in this week’s challenge.


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