#55WordChallenge : The Fence – Part 28

Taran handed me a picture. “The Wraith have developed a genetically modified people they call Zombies. They’re what attacked your people.”

“The Wraith?”

“Long story. They eat people.”

“Can they be stopped?”

“They have been. For now.”


“We sent them a warning.” He handed me a picture of a tombstone.

“Jessica!” Our greatest enemy!

 55 Words

This is Part 28 of the serial story I’m working on for Lisa McCourt Hollar‘s #55WordChallenge flash fiction challenge. I like the challenge of writing a serial in 55 word chunks, based off of random pictures. Please, go read all the other entries in the challenge this week. It’s amazing what gifted writers can say in just 55 words.

The entire story, from Part 28 to Part 1, is located here.


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