#RaceTheDate #3 : A Clip From My NaNoWriMo Work In Progress

“It don’t do us any good to be killin’ each other.”

Tommy looked around the room. It had taken a lot of work and time to get this meeting put together. He had the leaders from all the gangs in the south side of the city in one room. They’d all agreed to meet.

Everyone cheered, “Yeah! Yeah!”

“We get the leaders together, and make a board of directors, like they did in them businesses, and schools.” He paused while the idea sank in. “And we let the board settle our fights for us, so we don’t kill each other.”

The gang leaders spent all day arguing about how to make it work. Each leader wanted it to work to his advantage. No one wanted to give up being in charge. Tommy understood that. “As long as it ain’t an issue that causes us to fight, we do what we want. No one tells anyone what to do. We just have the council when we’re having fights with each other.”

They worked up a bunch of rules, and conditions. An old guy from the community college, wrote down all the rules on a big sheet of paper, so everyone could see them. Guys from other groups copied it all down, so everyone had a copy of the rules.

It was the first step in his plan. Tommy thought it went well. Organizing the gangs into a single, functional unit. It was a risky game. But if it worked out, he’d end up with lots of power. And could do anything he wanted. Take anything he wanted. And get rid of anyone in his way.

And what he wanted was to own the city.

@283 Words
Lurch Munster

I wrote this for Cara Michaels‘ #RaceTheDate #3. It’s a little clip from the NaNoWriMo story I am working on Hope you like it. Please go read all the entries in this week’s #RaceTheDate. They are good reading.


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