Storming RV Land, Day One.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013.

It’s night. We’re in the room named “Serendipity”, here at the Inn at Westwynd Farm. It’s a Bed and Breakfast. This is a new experience. We’ve never stayed at a B&B. It’s NOT a hotel. Hotels don’t put little glasses filled with Hershey’s Kisses on the nightstand next to the bed. They don’t have a refrigerator downstairs that has sodas, beer and wine in it, and give you permission to go fetch a drink anytime you want. They don’t leave the front door unlocked all night. They don’t have full size beds that have both headboards and foot boards.

We left the house about 0430 this morning. We drove across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. If you’ve never been on the Bay Bridge Tunnel, I have to mention it’s the 17.6 mile long bridge and tunnel complex that connects Virginia Beach to the Eastern Shore.

We stopped long enough to pick up breakfast at the Hardee’s we always stop at on the Eastern Shore. I have no idea what town it’s located in. I suppose I should learn that. We’ve stopped there so many times, you’d think I’d know where it is. I mean, other than on the Eastern Shore.

We drove up the Eastern Shore, into Maryland, through Salisbury, and into Delaware. That’s when we reached the tangled fishing line of the roads. Northern Delaware into Pennsylvania was just indescribable. Somehow, she didn’t get lost, although she did determine I don’t know how directions from MapQuest work.

Our second stop was at Hawk Mountain. We got there about 1200. Yeah. That early. She drove. Can you tell? Hawk Mountain was fun. The hike was only a mile, uphill most of the way. We stood, with two of the Hawk Mountain volunteers, and several other groups (couples to families) that made the trek. We watched the skies. We saw LOTs of Vultures. But, we did actually see one Kestrel, one Merlin, one Bald Eagle, 8 Broad Winged Hawks, and several hummingbirds, one 14 inch snake (non-poisonous), two chipmunks, several centipedes, and a wooly caterpillar.

We visited the Cabela’s store. I think it’s at the corner of I-78 and PA-61. Big doesn’t describe it. Huge doesn’t describe it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single store that size. I suspect I’ve been in shopping malls that would have fit inside that sucker. I mean, damn, that was one giganto-mongous store.

We drove to the B&B, and checked in, about 1630 hours. (Like how I say we, even though she drove, and I watched stuff outside the windows. I like to read the names of places. The Eastern Shore has great place names. Nassawadox. Pungoteague.) There were some interesting names of places along the way today. Like Reading, PA. I kept calling it Reading, and she kept calling it Reading. I gave up and started calling it “that R word ing.” And no, she hasn’t smacked me upside the head with a marble rolling-pin. Yet.

We found the Hershey amusement park. It was obvious. It was filled with roller coasters. We ate dinner at a Panera Bread. We picked up two 12 inch subs at Subway for lunch and snacks at the RV show tomorrow. And we came back to the B&B.

The whole concept of a Bed and Breakfast is so strange to me, so different to me, I’ve decided to call it the base station for the trip. I will say this, though. After two weeks of sleeping on the sofa, and a month of sleeping on an air mattress on the floor of the Family Room (long story), I’m actually not sure at all how I’ll sleep on a real bed. Although I find the thought of doing so intriguing.

One final note. I was not able to connect to the B&B’s WiFi. There’s something in the DNS server’s configuration that’s not standard. With the result that I’m offline. But I can write stuff, like this, at night. So, I will.

Oh, yeah. We did drive past the Hershey Park Giant Stadium this evening. Pat wanted to show me what we’re in for tomorrow. All I gotta say is I’m frickin’ glad I brought my Lorazepam. I got a feelin’ I’m gonna need a hit of that tomorrow.


Well. I’m gonna go try to read some in the Diesel Punk anthology I found on Amazon the other day. It was free. I figured, why not. So, I’ll try reading some more of that tonight. Before I give up on the day, and decide, “Sleep is a good thing.”

So ends day one of the venture into the land of the RVs.


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