#SatSunTales 49 : Iridescent Flame

“It’s a commemorative lamp.”

I looked at the incandescent bulb, configured as a hot air balloon, chained to the ground, a rope ladder dangling down. “Commemorative of what?”

“The day my great-grandfather died.” He looked at the lamp. “He was the test pilot. One of the first test pilots.”

“What happened?”

“It was the first attempt build and fly an armored balloon. They put a steel mesh around the balloon that emitted a flammable gas that encased the balloon and gondola in an iridescent flame, hot enough to melt anything shot at it. It worked in fifty unmanned flights.” He sighed, “Great Grand-daddy was the first pilot. Unfortunately, it got struck by lightning and its own flames burned it. All that fell from the sky was ashes.”

He shook his head,”The government erased the whole story from history, then made sure our family would always be taken care of.”

150 Words

This is my entry into Rebecca Clare Smith‘s 49th #SatSunTales. Please, go read the other entries. It’s a tough challenge, and brings out some wonderful tales.


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