The Kraken

I watched the last fairy die. The US Army hunted her down, trapping her in her home. A pretty, green alcove filled with peonies, bluets, trillium and orchids. The humans set it on fire, leaving her a choice. Die in the fire, or flee. She fled. When she did, the Army opened fire on her. And the last fairy, the last guardian of the forest, died. Brought down by far too many bullets from human guns.

Mother Earth cried in anguish, “They murdered Orchid! They murdered the last fairy!”

I was silent and unmoving on the ocean floor. There was nothing to be done. Nothing to say. We had always known the day would come when the humans murdered Orchid.

“The last guardian of the forests, and the murdered her! Just like they murdered the last mermaid, the last dragon, the last unicorn, the last siren, the last centaur.”

“Indeed, milady. They did.” I knew what she would say, what she would do. The humans had built their economic machine, their society, and become dependent on it. They’d lost their way, becoming encased in their ways, their never-ending need to rule the world, to bend nature to their will. “They’d doomed themselves, and all life.”

Mother Earth cried, tears of rain fell from the sky over the home of the last fairy for weeks. The  blood of the fairy was washed away. I remembered Orchid. For over 1000 years, she’d been the last fairy, the last guardian of the forests. Despite everything the humans had done, Orchid had manage to maintain the fragile balance of nature in the forests through that time. She’d survived 1000 years, alone, after the humans murdered the rest of her kind. She’d worked so hard for those centuries, keeping the forests alive.

Until the humans found her. Until the humans murdered her. Like they’d murdered all the guardians. Like they murdered everything they touched. Without Orchid, the forests would die within two or three decades. No forests would be left, save for the human wildlife parks.

“You are the last, you know.”

“I know, milady. I know.” I was the last guardian. The only guardian the humans had not found, had not hunted down, had not murdered. So long as I lived, the seas would survive. Their balance as fragile as the balance of the forests Orchid had protected for so long. “Remember, milady. Remember your promise.”

I knew she did. She’d given her word to Orchid and me. She would not unleash the plagues until the last guardian was no more. She’d honored that promise for 1000 years. She’d honor it now.

But we both knew the day was coming when the humans and their technology, their machines, would find their way to the bottom of the sea. There, they would find me, the sea monster of their legends. The Kraken.

When they did, Mother Earth would unleash her plagues upon the humans and restore the balance of nature herself.


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