#FlashFridayFic – 24 : I Wanna Be A Cowboy

John sat on his horse in the Patagonian plains, beneath the bright yellow-orange sun, and the pale, crystal blue, cloud free sky. The wind was brisk, with a cold bite to it. John smiled. He rode his horse in a small circle, observing the cattle in all directions. The radio on his belt beeped, “John, check-in.”

John pushed the talk button, “Everything’s good here.”

“In an hour, Freddy’ll be there to relieve you.”

“Clear.” John looked up at the big sky and laughed. Gods, Terra Del Fuego was beautiful. Empty of the oceans of houses, roads, buildings, shopping centers, and cars that coated the East Coast of the US. It was everything he’d ever wanted.

He remembered his old life. Married, two kids, a good job as an accountant. He remembered the kids growing up, and leaving home, his wife of 30 years leaving him, the company he worked for letting him go. He’d worked hard and done everything he was supposed to do. And in the end, he’d lost everything.

It took him two years to work up the courage to reach for his childhood dream. He wanted to be a cowboy. Herding cattle. Riding a horse. Hell, he didn’t care if he didn’t make any money at all, as long as he had food to eat, and a place to sleep.

As he sat on his horse, watching the cattle, John sang his favorite song. Kid Rock’s I Wanna Be A Cowboy. “Damn,” he thought. “Life is good.”

250 Words

I wrote this for Rebekah Postupak‘s #FlashFriday, Week 24. Please go read all the entries in this week’s #Flash Friday. They are good reading.


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