#5SF – Festival

I’d never been a fan of festivals, and she knew that, so for her to ask me to go with her to the annual Strawberry Festival in Pungo told me she really wanted to go, and she wanted my company. So, I didn’t think about it, I just said, “Of course, I’ll go.”

She wasn’t surprised by my reaction to the crowds of people moving in waves, lining the sidewalks, and milling around the vendors tents. I clung to her hand, like a little boy, lost in the crowd, clinging to his safety blanket, while she mingled with the crowds, talking with the vendors.

I had my usual horrid time, but she knew I would, just like she knew I’d always endure the torture such festivals put me through if she asked me to keep her company at one she wanted to attend.

Here’s my weekly attempt at Lillie McFerrin‘s flash fiction challenge, Five Sentence Fiction. This week, the prompt is Festival.

Please, go read all the other entries to this week’s Five Sentence Fiction. It’s amazing what creative people can do with just five sentences.


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