The Monday Mixer Game!

Let’s play Monday Mixer, the game! You know the rules. Pick one word from each of the three groups. One location, one thing, and one adjective. Then, you put the words in the word blender, and see how many other words you can create from them.

I’ll go first. I’ll pick depot, swarf, and trite. The words are in my mixing bowl. Time to blend the letters. Oh, look at that! As always, put any letters that float out of the bowl, back in, and utter our chant, “I am the Dread Pirate Roberts, there will be no survivors.”

Now that my letters are all blended together, let me see how many words I can make.

I see pet, pot, war, far, fast, past, waste, taste, tap, tar, sap, and deep. And I’m certain, if I keep laying with the letters, I can find more words.

150 words.

Happy April 1st, everyone. Hope you have fun today.


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