#5SF : Paradise

We was all at the table in Sammy’s Bar, having our Friday night fun. Two steamin’ hot ladies walked in, you know the kind I mean, stacked, lots of cleavage, tiny little skirts you couldn’t help but see under. I saw ‘em, and poked Eddie in the ribs, “Man, what I wouldn’t give for a chance to play around with that paradise.”  And wouldn’t ya know it, that idiot Eddie reaches in his pocket and hands me a pair of dice, “You can play with this pair all night.” I’d a bitch slapped ‘im, but I was laughing too hard.

Here’s my weekly attempt at Lillie McFerrin‘s flash fiction challenge, Five Sentence Fiction. This week, the prompt is Paradise.

Please, go read all the other entries to this week’s Five Sentence Fiction. It’s amazing what creative people can do with just five sentences.


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