#VisDare 10 : Whimsy

The rain broke, leaving the sky filled with white clouds. Alice pulled me to my feet, “I want to show you something.” She lead me to a fountain across the courtyard. Snails were climbing all over it. She extended her hand to the snails. Several touched her fingers with their antenna, and I heard her in my head, “I missed you too.”

One snail moved to the edge of the fountain wall. It looked right at me. Alice smiled, “It’s OK. They don’t bite.” So, I imitated her, extending my hand out to the snails. The snail at the edge of the fountain extended his antenna, grazing my fingertip with them, and I heard a new voice in my head, “You’re new here.”

I jerked my hand away, surprised. The snails shook, rattling their shells, and Alice laughed. I heard her voice again, “His name is Taran.”

150 Words

This piece is the seventh in a continuing story I’m working through for Angela Goff’s Visual Dare. Please read the other entries in this week’s Visual Dare challenge.


2 thoughts on “#VisDare 10 : Whimsy

  1. Loving your Taran and Alice episodes!! Wasn’t sure how you were going to work the snails into the tale, but I wasn’t expecting mind-reading with snails — and yet it fits so well with the overall structure of this mysterious quest they are on. That one little line: “You’re new here” – very childlike, almost like a pet dog wagging its tail. So sweet.

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