#MondayMixer – The Plan

“It’s going to be a long night,” I thought. The tree bark between my shoulder blades was starting to itch. Of course, I couldn’t scratch with each wrist in a manacle attached to a chain running around the tree behind me.  My hands were pretty much motionless. At least the itching distracted me from the discomfort of my bare bottom sitting on the weeds, moss, dead leaves, and tree roots.

I’d failed to get a date with Hayden. Just like I’d planned. Now I had to spend the night chained to a tree in the arboretum while Cheryl got to laugh about me losing the bet. It was a miniscule detail in my grand scheme.

I hoped Cheryl was enjoying my night of exploring nature. I shook my head and smiled. My plan was working. I’d gotten her attention. Next, I’d try for a date.

150 words.

I wrote this little ditty for Jeffery Hollar‘s weekly Monday Mixer flash fiction challenge. Please, go read all the other entries in this week’s challenge. They are all well crafted.


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