#FlashFriday Week 10 : The Tape On The Floor


The Flash! Friday Week 10 Prompt

I stood where the tape said stand. Couldn’t see a damn thing with those lights shining right on me. Knew I going to die, but I didn’t really have a choice. The text messages said I was to be there, alone, unarmed, hands visible, at 0145 hours, or no one would ever see her alive gain.

Hell, I hadn’t even had to think about it. They knew I’d show up, and I knew I’d never walk away from the tape mark on the floor. But she’d be safe, they’d let her go.

I’d taught them well.

She’d asked me to walk away from my profession. Start a new life. With her. I’d told her no one ever walks away. I told her what would happen. They’d find her, take her, use her to draw me in. And then, make sure the group remained safe.

But she asked anyway. I could never say no to her.

They say there’s no honor among thieves. They’re wrong. We have our own brand of honor, and justice. Yeah, they’d shoot me, and then make sure I was dead. That was our oath. To protect the others. No one ever left the group alive.

But I knew, standing on that tape mark, she was someplace else, someplace safe, and wouldn’t have to watch. I just wished I’d had the chance to say good-bye.

This is my response to the #FlashFriday Week 10 prompt. Thanks to Rebekah Postupak for hosting #FlashFriday each week. Now, go read the other entries in this week’s challenge. Have fun.


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