#FSF : Delicate

Imagine our surprise when the delicate flower of the office, Amanda, showed up at my house for the Super Bowl Party, wearing denim jeans, a pair of old Nikes, a copy of Ray Lewis’s Baltimore Ravens jersey, Ravens purple nail polish on her fingernails, Ravens purple stripes in her platinum blond hair, and Ravens purple stripes beneath her eyes. She was carrying a six pack of Mike’s Hard Winter Blackberry, which was a good match for Ravens purple, a giant bag of Doritos Jacked Smoky Chipotle BBQ chips, and a tub of Tostitos Hot Chunky salsa. “Go Ravens!” she screamed as she walked in, heading straight for my sofa and my big screen TV, plunking everything down on the coffee table, and wedging herself between two of the guys on the sofa, which the guys didn’t mind at all.
Lemme tell ya, delicate had nothing to do with that girl watching the Super Bowl game that day, the way she hissed like some angry, wet cat whenever the Niners scored, and cheered and chugged Mikes like it was water when the Ravens scored, nothing at all. Me and the boys had so much fun watching her, we plum forgot about the game, and wound up inviting her to come over and watch all the games in the next NFL season.

Here’s my third attempt at Lillie McFerrin‘s weekly flash fiction challenge, Five Sentence Fiction. This week, the prompt is Delicate.

Please, go read all the other entries to this week’s Five Sentence Fiction. It’s amazing what creative people can do with just five sentences.


8 thoughts on “#FSF : Delicate

  1. Mark – Nice piece. But you should have waited until the end so you could tell us how wild she acted when the 49ers won. [I live on the East Coast …so who else could/would I root for.] The only thing I dismayed over is everyone is eager to have Amanda come back next year and nothing is being mentioned about how everyone will now start treating this delicate office flower when the workweek starts anew tomorrow, on Monday. Life is more than just a football game.

    [What do you know I’ve just responded in 5 sentences.] 🙂
    Would love to hear everyone’s feedback on my endeavor for this week.

  2. I love this! Not that I know diddly squat about the Super Bowl. The way you ‘describe this delicate flower’ is brilliant; how comfortable we are in certain company and how sport brings out every emotion possible. I was her last year with my English footie team winning the Champions League; pure entertainment. x

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