#FSF : Ringing

If I pay attention, I hear the ringing, no matter where I am, or what I’m doing, and even in my sleep. I know many people who couldn’t live with the constant ringing I hear, the constant high-pitched ringing that never ends, never fades, never lets up; it would drive them crazy. They’re not me, I know, and they lack the ability to decide the ringing is normal, to decide it’s supposed to be there all the time, to decide to ignore it like I do. I can make it so many things, like crickets singing in the night, an invasion of cicadas, the sound of fluorescent lights, aliens that are talking to me, if I could only understand them. The endless ringing is tinnitus, there is no cure, so I have chosen to live with it, to make it part of life, to worry if I don’t hear the unending ringing in my ears, knowing something will have changed if that ringing ever goes away.

Here’s my second attempt at Lillie McFerrin‘s weekly flash fiction challenge, Five Sentence Fiction. This week, the prompt is ringing.

Please, go read all the other entries to this weeks Five Sentence Fiction. It’s amazing what creative people can do with just five sentences.


2 thoughts on “#FSF : Ringing

  1. It’s amazing how people deal with something that would drive most of us crazy. I love how he uses his imagination to help with the ringing and how he is control of it rather than the ringing of him. Nicely done. x.

  2. I have known people with this issue, as one who experiences it briefly now and then, it would be very hard to live with all the time, but I can see where you would come to make peace with it. I fairly often hear the ringing of phones and doorbells when neither is truly ringing, especially when being awoken from sleep by then. It is a very strange sensation because it sounds absolutely real. I have gone to check the door or the phone on more than one occasion! Great story!

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