#12DaysBop : Day 3 – A Song Of Hope

It’s day 3 of Stacy Hoyt’s 12 Days Of Christmas Blog Hop. Today, the topic is the gift of music. There’s a song I know. One of my favorites…

“There’s a song I want you to hear,” Tommy sat next to Becky in the Panera’s.

“Another song?” Becky sighed. “The music you like is so… Depressing.”

“Not this one.” He opened his laptop and clicked play.

After a few seconds of the melancholic piano music, Becky shook her head. “See? Depressing.”

“You don’t understand it yet. You have to hear the whole song.”

She tried to listen, but the song was really depressing. The story of someone’s dreams coming to an end.

Standing by the ruins of your soul
That cries for some more meaning
Wondering when you have become
So cold

She was relieved when the song ended. “It’s such a sad song.”

Tommy‘s head sagged and he looked at his laptop “You didn’t hear it, did you?” His smile was gone.

“Hear what? The story of someone’s life falling apart? Everything coming to an end?” Sometimes, Tommy was so hard to deal with. How could he tell her this song wasn’t depressing? “Just another of your depressing songs.”

Tommy signed, then whispered,

Forget yourself
And who you are
Another life
Is not that far
Not that far

Becky could tell those words were important to him. “Tommy?”

“It’s what I had to do.” He looked up, right into her eyes. “What I had to do, when…” His voice faded into silence.

Becky saw the memory of pain in his eyes. She’d always wondered what he’d done before she’d met him at work, always wished he could trust her enough to tell her. “Tommy?” She reached out. Placed her hand on his, and quietly, almost whispering, asked “When what?”

Tommy smiled. “I’ve always wanted to tell you.”

That day at Panera’s, he did.

Please go enjoy the rest of the stories in the blog hop. There are some really gifted writers out there. It’s well worth reading their work. You can find the other entries here:

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6 thoughts on “#12DaysBop : Day 3 – A Song Of Hope

  1. Music speaks so differently to all of us, doesn’t it? At least Becky can read eyes, even if she doesn’t share Tommy’s musical interpretations.

    That’s a beautiful song–hadn’t heard it before, but will definitely be downloading it now. 🙂

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