Where Will It Stop?

Are we to protect ourselves from ourselves?

If we ban guns from the public, so that you can’t buy one at a store, or own one, then what?

Will we need to ban cars, trucks, and SUVs? Talk about things we can use for killing. How many humans can you mow down with a Ford Explorer? How many with a Ram 3500 truck?

How about bows and arrows? They work like guns, you know. Will they be on the list of things we have to ban?

Swords? Knives? Chemicals? Matches? Gasoline? Power crosscut saws? Chain saws?

Where would it stop?

Timothy McVeigh, remember him? He used fertilizer, and a truck, parked on a public road, in a public parking space. We gonna ban them too?

Where would it stop?

Then, let’s keep everyone safe, you say. OK. How to you prevent someone from entering your house at night, and shooting you and your family dead? Lock the doors? Does that really stop people? Armor the doors, and add combination locks to them? What about the windows? And when you secure the windows, what about the walls? Then the roof?

Where would it stop?

Do you stop going to McDonalds because someone goes to a McDonalds with 30 sticks of dynamite strapped to them, and lights it off? Do you stop because you see some guy there, ordering a Big Mac meal, and he’s wearing a dress, and makeup?

Where would it stop?

Where is the balance between safety and risk?

Is there something we, as people living in a society, can do to address the causes of the problem, and not the symptoms? So that we don’t have to lock ourselves in armored houses, wear Kevlar body armor to go to work, pass through metal detectors, and body searches to get into the local mall, and God knows what else?

Is there something we, as people, are missing? Something that causes the problems?

I can’t help but wonder.

I can’t help but wonder.

Where will it stop?


1 thought on “Where Will It Stop?

  1. I’m gonna answer you, I am going to answer each line/paragraph!:

    Then that would be great, and people’s safety would go up by about 50%
    Erm, now you are being silly and a bit extreme. Although really the size of trucks/SUVs – are they necessary?
    Yes, they should be banned too, or heavily licensed.
    And yes, to the next list, they all need to be controlled too.
    What do you mean where would it stop? It would stop at people livings safely, like they do in Europe!
    You will always have freaks, there were nail bombs in London, but they are less frequent than guns shootings in the US.
    Repeat: What do you mean where would it stop? It would stop at people livings safely, like they do in Europe!
    If no-one has guns then you are not higher risk than anyone else. And yes, you have to think of your personal home security, alarms etc. Everyone one runs the same risks, banning guns won’t change that, but at least the risk of them sticking a gun in your face will be gone! And thus you have a higher chance at defending yourself, and it won’t make it so easy for the burglar/killer!
    Repeat: What do you mean where would it stop? It would stop at people livings safely, like they do in Europe/Australia/UK!
    Yes, ban the guns, make it extremely difficult for them to get hold of them, or any dangerous tool that is used daily to kill others. Change the laws, change the governing, change the structure. In the UK and Europe, we don’t have body searches, we don’t have metal detectors, we live and breathe and function normally, – without the threat of guns, or more importantly people sticking a gun in your face.

    By all means wonder, but get active too, vote in the people who will regulate guns and stop allowing them to be sold so arbitrarily.

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