#ThursThreads Week 50 : You Don’t See Us Whining

I looked at the axe I was carrying, observing the razor-sharp blade at its top. Moses spoke. “You know what to do, don’t you?”

Abraham answered him. “Of course, he knows!”

“Shut up!” I hissed. “You’re making me nervous!” Even I could hear the tension and anger in my voice. “Shut up!” I leaned the axe against the wall of the garage.

Moses smiled that kind, understanding smile of his. “Do you want me to do this?”

I pulled my ski mask over my head, making sure it covered all of my face. “No. I’ll do it.”

Abraham whispered, “Now, remember, Kevin. Stay calm.”

I pulled my work gloves over my hands. “I am calm!” I hissed. “Now, shut up, and let me do this.” I picked up the axe. I quietly opened the door connecting the garage to the house, slowly made my way through the Kitchen and Living Room, then down the hall, past my bedroom, and the bathroom. I opened the door to their bedroom. I stopped. “Lilly is really pretty,” I whispered. “Do I have to do this?”

Moses sighed. “Yes. You have to.”

Abraham whispered again, “You don’t hear us whining about it, do you?”

“Maybe I could just do this to Stephen?”

Abraham shook his head, “No. It has to be both of them.”

Moses continued, “It’s for the best. They think we’re not real.”

I stepped into the bedroom and raised the axe. Moses and Abraham cheered with each strike I made.

I wrote this for the 50th #ThursThreads challenge, hosted, as always, by Siobhan Muir. Please, go read the other entries in the challenge. I have. I liked all of them.


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