The 38th Friday Picture Show : Never Pick A Fight With A Pixie

Jen De Santis hosts the Friday Picture Show flash fiction challenge each week (except when on vacation). For my entry last week, I wrote about the pixies for the very first time. Please go read all the other entries. It’s amazing the stories you can write in 150 words. Thanks, Jen, for holding the Friday Picture Show.


On Monday morning, a pixie tie-died my car, I went nuts, grabbed a trash can lid, and a

The Picture Prompt from the 38th Friday Picture Show

broken broom handle and charged her. It wasn’t a smart thing to do.

She giggled, and waved her hand, and I froze, like a statue. A black handkerchief covered my face. The can lid vanished, leaving my arm sticking out. The broom handle turned into a bouquet of flowers. She’d whispered in my ear, “It’ll wear off in 8 hours…”

I looked stupid. And gods, but I needed to pee.

Never pick a fight with a pixie.


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