Bandit Florists

[Author’s note : This is an alternate to what I wrote for The Friday Picture Show flash fiction challenge, hosted each week by Jen De Santis. If you like good fiction in tiny, 100 word doses, it’s hard to beat the Friday Picture Show. Go read the entries. And enjoy your Friday evening.]

She slapped me, and walked off.

While I stood there in shock, this guy ran up and handed me a business card. “We can help! Call us!” And off he ran.

His picture was on the card. There was a black cloth hiding his face. His ball cap was on backwards. It looked like he was getting ready to throw a javelin. Except that where the javelin was supposed to be, there was a bouquet of flowers.

The card read, “Send someone a smile! Call Bandit Florists! We throw flowers anywhere! Call 1-877-BANDITS! Guaranteed to cheer people up!”







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