My 22nd #SatSunTails Entry

Rebecca Clare Smith has been gracious enough to grant me an honorable mention. #SatSunTails is always a tough challenge. The 22nd round was no exception. Please, by all means, go read the stories of the other entrants. The prompt was “deepening intent”. The picture prompt was colorful. Here’s what I wrote.


Autistic Me

22nd #SatSunTails Picture Prompt

I rode a few of the rides. My hair blowing in the wind. My guts moving from gravitational and centripetal forces. The world spinning in circles. Colors all blur into a chaotic rainbow. Sensory overload always made me feel alive. Let me escape my isolation. If only for a little while.

I watched people, with a deepening intent to learn how they behaved. I was broken. Something in me was broken. Thought if I studied enough people, I could figure out what. And fix it. So I wouldn’t have to feel the ache of loneliness and isolation that I knew was my fault.


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