This was my entry to the 48th #TuesdayTales flash fiction challenge. You can find the challenge, and all 33 entries, at glitterword, Stevie McCoy’s blog. They are all well worth reading. And I encourage you to go enjoy them.


I felt so stupid. Walking down that alley, waiting for that bandersnatch to come out. Terrorizing women like he did. Seven so far. Four dead. Three still alive. Somehow. We’d decided to flush him out. But we needed someone to lure him into the open. Couldn’t ask a woman to do it. Hell. We were trying to protect them. So, we drew straws. I lost.

So there I was. Walking down that alley. Makeup. Wig. White, shoulder-less dress. And those frickin’ heels. No way was I ever gonna live this one down. Damn, but I looked good.


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