Watching Facebook And Twitter

Sometimes, I sit at my computer.
And I watch.
I watch the activity of people
On Facebook.
And on Twitter.

And I try.
I really do.
I try to understand
What the heck is going on.
What they are all doing.

And I fail.
Fall on my sword.
Because the truth is
I just don’t know.
And I can’t figure it out.

I’ve tried for all my life.
As long as I can remember.
To figure out
How people communicate.
How they talk.

And all I’ve learned
Is that they have
A hidden language
I can’t observe.

There are times I’ve told my doc
About the people that have asked,
I can do everything you did
On that computer.
Too fix the problem.
I wrote down each step.
I can duplicate
Exactly what you did.
But there’s one question
I just can’t answer
From my notes,
And from watching you.
How did you know
What to do?”

And then I’ve told my doc
That I can’t answer them.
They either know.
Or they don’t.

And lately,
I’ve expanded on that
Just a bit.
Because with respect
To social ways,
And social activities.
I’ve found
It’s just the same.

Everyone always explains to me
That I can’t be that way.
That I can’t do
The things I do.
Say the things I say.

But no one anywhere
Has ever been able
To explain why.

It’s like everyone assumes
I know.
And they can’t understand
Or accept
That I don’t.

So I sit here tonight.
At my computer.
Watching message traffic
On Facebook and Twitter.
Trying to trace out
To at least gain a clue
To what’s going on.

And feeling very frustrated,
Like I always do.

Because I just can’t tell.
I just can’t tell.

It’s at times like this
I feel so much like
I could simply vanish.
Drop right out of existence.
And no one would notice.
No one would notice
At all.

I know that it’s not true.
There are at least a few
That would miss me
If I did.

I know also
That I would never have the chance
To observe,
And perhaps someday learn.
What the heck is going on.
If I disappeared.

So I won’t.

But, damn.
Sometimes it’s really hard
To keep trying to figure out
A world that makes no sense
To me.
That I can’t understand.

The only consolation that I have
Is that I know
That all the people
I can’t understand.
Can’t figure me out either.

To them.
I’m a mystery.

And I have learned something
In my life
About how people work.
They give up,
And they abandon,
Things they cannot

They always end up gone.

And I end up alone.
Watching all the messages I can
On Facebook.
And on Twitter.


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