A Clip From Chapter 27 of JuNoWriMo 2012.

Before she left, Mystica asked for a moment to do something. Something she never had done. Something she needed to do. She went to the cemetery. To her mother, Ivy’s burial plot. She’d never visited her mother’s grave. But it was time.

“Momma. I love you so very much. And I miss you, every day. I wanted to stop. And visit you. I’ve started my own family now. It’s not what anyone would have thought. Dragons, and wild magic children. “ She smiled. A few tears fell. But only a few. “You taught me everything you knew. You taught me well. Eyela and Merlin think I’ll be a wonderful mother.”

She looked at the ground and the headstone of her mother’s grave. And then she whispered a single word. “Flowers.” Then the whispered something more. “Her favorite kind.” And a rosebush slowly grew up out of the ground. Next to the headstone. It grew until it was full size. And then it bloomed. Dark red velvet roses. Dozens of them.

“For you. Mom. For you.”

Then she slowly turned, and walked away.


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