A Clip From Chapter 23 of JuNoWriMo 2012

Mystica walked through the gates, into the kingdom. A brilliant, white light gleaming in the crystal ball on her scepter. The ice melting off of everything that light touched. There was no one there to welcome her. Everyone was huddled up in their homes, or in the castle itself.

As she walked along, the water on the streets magically evaporated. Drying as if the storm from a very few minutes before had never happened. She walked the streets, knowing exactly where she was heading. To the castle. As she approached the castle, a small door along one wall opened, and a very nervous castle guard stepped out. The guard was surprised. he looked around. He saw no trace of any storm. And the weather was nice, and warm. With a soft breeze blowing from the east to the west. The sky was filled with stars. Mystica saw he was confused. “The storm is over now,” she said.

The guard then realized that the figure approaching the castle was Princess Mystica. The princess Mystica. He ran back inside, and very shortly, the main entrance of the castle opened. There were cheers. “Princess Mystica has returned! She’s saved us from that evil child, Rain.”

Mystica was outraged. She raised her scepter, and then lowered it, slamming it to the ground. A brilliant white light erupting from it. And she spoke, softly, just two words. Two words filled with contempt. “Show them.”

Everyone in the kingdom that day saw the story of the little girl they had named, “Rain”. The story of a child that lost everything. A child that was alone. And uncared for. A child that was ostracized, because she wasn’t like the other fairies were. A child that became, over time, what everyone believed she was.

No one could turn away. It didn’t matter if you looked at the ground. If you closed your eyes. If you covered your eyes with your hands. There was no way not to watch. The White Magic painted the story in the minds, and hearts, and souls of everyone that day. The story ending with the storm. The storm the fairies finally understood they had brought upon themselves.

When the story at last ended, everyone was silent.

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