A Clip From Chapter 16 Of JuNoWriMo 2012

Verdant Green was in her room in the castle. Alone. Her father, and her mother, gone. All at once. She tried to understand what happened. But, it’s hard for a four-year old girl to understand death. It’s easier to understand that someone’s gone.

She spoke with Eyela about her father. “Why is my Daddy gone?”

“He died in the fire in the village to the north.”

“So he can’t come home?”

“No, child. He can’t come home?”

“Does he hate me now?”

It was hard to hear Verdant Green ask such questions. But how do you explain to a child that her father died a hero, but is dead. And could not return no matter how much he loves you. But how Eyela tried. “You know your father loved you very much.”

“Then why can’t he come home?”

As hard as it was to talk with Verdant Green about her father, it was even more difficult to talk with her about Gentle Breeze. “Where did Mommy go?”

“Mommy is with daddy.”

“She went to be with daddy in the village in the north?”

“No, dear one. She is gone. No more. Dead. Just like Daddy.”

“So she’s not coming home either?”

Then the words that always brought an ache to Eyela’s heart. “Mommy hates me too, doesn’t she?”


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