A Clip From Chapter 15 Of JuNoWriMo 2012

Eyela and Stephan walked, hand-in-hand, through the castle gates, across the field, to Scream. The entire kingdom was watching. Hoping that their queen had not lost her mind. And that the dragon would not harm anyone.

As they approached Scream, he looked down at Musica, and whispered once again, “Please go greet the King and Queen.”

Musica skipped across the short distance from where she was singing, beneath one of Scream’s mighty wings, to where Eyela and Stephan were. She was smiling. And looked very happy. “Scream said you’re the Queen and King. And I’m supposed to greet you.” The child had deep, dark red hair. And the prettiest blue eyes that Eyela had ever seen.

“Hi, child. Yes, I am the Queen. And this is the King.”

Musica did a small curtsy. “I’m so very pleased to meet you. I’m Musica.”

“What a pretty name.” Stephan kept walking along, slowly, leading Eyela and Musica both to Scream. “Where are you from, Musica?”

Musica looked very sad all at once. “I…” she paused, as if thinking. “… don’t have a home.”

Eyela continued the conversation, “Surely you do. Everyone has a home. And parents.”

“I don’t.”

Stephan questioned, “Because Scream the dragon destroyed it?”

“Oh, no! No! Scream saved me. He’s my best friend.” Then Musica decided to tell Eyela and Stephan more. “I used to have a family. With a mommy, and a daddy. But, they threw me away.” She looked so hurt. “They took me far away from home. And left me there. Alone. I didn’t know how to get back.”

“Scream saved you?”

“Yes. He found me while I was lost. And he took care of me. He found me water. And he found me food. And he protected me. He even took me back to the village. To the soldiers.” Musica looked at the ground, “I thought I’d be OK with them. But they put me back with mommy and daddy.” She stopped walking. “And… And… Daddy… Daddy hit me. Hard.”

Eyela was struck silent. Stephan’s walk froze. And he stood there. Shocked. “And he yelled at me. That I should never have come home. That it would have been best if I’d have died out there somewhere. And he kept hitting me.”

Eyela knelt, so that she was eye to eye with Musica. “And then what?”

“I cried for Scream to come help me.” Musica smiled. “And he did! He came, and made Daddy stop hitting me.”


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