[Author’s Note – This is what I should have written for #SatSunTails this week.]

Lunch today was certainly not an angst-ridden repast. I should have been at work. Instead, I was in a field of grasses, flowers, and weeds. With her. And a leather chair. I don’t know where she found that leather chair, or how she hauled it to the middle of that field.

She called. “Spend today with me.” I skipped work. Picked her up. Drove to a farmhouse. “Daddy’s,” she said, “He won’t mind.” We walked past the house, down a dirt road, through a wooded area. To the field. And the chair. She undressed. Leaving on a camisole, and panties. She sat, her feet on one chair arm, her bottom on the other. She draped a scarf across her middle. Then picked up a small mirror, and started removing her necklaces.

“I want you to have me for lunch today.” she smiled.

How could I refuse?


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