Bipedal Dinosaurs

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The monarch looked at the diagrams the swallowtails had made of the area. It was a large area, and had taken time to map. They’d done their job well. Now, he would do his job, and determine where the ants would excavate.

This was a huge finding. The largest in archaeological history. Everyone was familiar with the skeletons. Giant, bipedal beings, towering into the sky. They went extinct 65 million years ago. They had lived in large groups called cities, with a government called “Democracy”, which seemed to be some form of degraded monarchy where the king was replaced on a regular basis.

The monarch pointed an antenna at a rectangular outline on the map. “Here,” he informed the ants. “This appears to be an archive of some kind. Excavate here.” Thus began the insect excavation of the ruins of the place the bipedal beings had called New York.


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