A Clip From Day 7 Of JuNoWriMo, 2012

That night, when the sun was down, and the children of the village were all asleep. The people of the village met. They reviewed the stories of the little girl. The stories of the flowers that no longer bloomed. The travelers that no longer came. The wild animals they could no longer hunt. They reviewed the stories of the little girl, talking with the animals. Singing to the flowers. And how that little girl made everything change.

They declared the little fairy girl had wild magic.

Then the father of the little girl stepped forward, and spoke. He declared he knew what he had to do. For the sake of the village. He didn’t ask for help from anyone, declaring he would take the child away. Into the wilderness. Where she would never return. So that his family could be safe once more. And the village would be safe as well.

Two other fathers volunteered to help him.

Everyone in the village agreed. The little fairy girl was the cause of all their troubles. And she had to be taken care of. She wasn’t like them, after all. She was a fairy. With magic. And it was only a matter of time until she used that magic to hurt, or even kill someone in the village.

So it was that the father of the fairy girl, and the two other fathers that had volunteered to help him, looked to the maps of the Gray Hills. And planned a route into them. That would take the girl far away from any village. Where they could abandon her.

Where they could keep the village safe from her.

Then, everyone had picked a night. A date. A time. When the deed would be done.

It had to be that way. It was best for everyone.


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