JuNoWriMo 2012 Continues On…

“Eyela. It’s too late for that. The warning I get from the white magic,” Mystica reached out, placing a hand on Eyela’s shoulder. “It’s at best a day in advance. Come tomorrow, the villagers will have acted.”

Eyela was no longer peaceful. She was visible disturbed. Gentle Breeze was frozen with fear. Both knew that if a dragon came, there would be many deaths among the fairies. They were so disturbed, and so upset that Verdant Green woke. And when she woke, she cried.

And the sky began to fill with black clouds. Soon, it would rain.

That’s when Mystica surprised them. Mystica had reached out, and rested a hand on Verdant Green’s back, and hummed a happy little tune. Then she whispered, “Don’t be afraid, little one. Don’t worry. It will all be OK. I will never let them call you, Rain.” And with those words, Verdant Green had smiled, placing her head on Eyela’s shoulder once again. And as she did, the gathering clouds had faded away.

Mystica had looked at Eyela one last time, “Please, Eyela. Don’t get in Scream’s way. I don’t want any of your warriors to die.”

And then, she was gone.


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