Clip Three From JuNoWriMo…

But now, there was a dragon. Nearly at the borders of the fairy lands. The warrior he was needed to defend the kingdom. Defend his family. It was in those days that Katana and his comrades made many journeys to the hills. It was during those days that things changed in the kingdom, while he was away. And the more he was away, the more things changed.

Gentle Breeze loved their daughter. Taking care of her daughter always brought a smile to her. And on those days when Gentle Breeze smiled, so did Verdant Green. Those days were always beautiful. Filled with sunshine. White, cotton fluffy clouds in the sky. The sky that perfect shade of crystal blue. Always, the days when Gentle Breeze was happy, the weather was almost perfect.

But on the days that Gentle Breeze missed Katana, she became sad. She didn’t smile as much. And sometimes, she even cried. She couldn’t help herself. She missed her Katana. Her warrior. Even though she loved Verdant Green, some days she couldn’t help but wish that he was there. And on those days, when Gentle Rose was sad, and even cried. So did Verdant Green. It was on those days that the sky was gray. And filled with gray clouds. It was on those days that it rained. And the sun could not be found. Anywhere.


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