It’s A Part Of Them

There’s this thing called
That everyone believes
They understand.
That everyone believes
That can control.
And recover from.
That everyone says to themselves,
“All I have to do
Is pull my boots up.
And be strong.
And everything
Will be OK.”

They don’t know.
They don’t understand.
They abandon those of us
That know.

Those of us
That have lived through it.
That know the truth.
That it never goes away.
And you can only learn
To live with it.

There are those I’ve known
That thing depression
Is a choice.
The result of bad decisions.
The result of misunderstanding
How things really are.
How life really is.

It’s all a lie.
I know that.
I’ve lived both
With and through
All my life.
In the past 2 years.

It’s not caused at all
By bad decisions.
By misunderstanding
How things are.
How life is.
It’s not a choice.

It’s biological.
And more.
Just like Autism.
Just like Cancer.
Just like Muscular Dystrophy.
And hundreds upon hundreds
Of other physical diseases
That no one understands.
And so very many people
Spend their life
Running from.

Because they are afraid.

People are afraid
Of me.
Always have been.
Always will be.
Because they know.
They feel it
In their bones.
That I’m not like them.

That somehow,
I’m different.

Have you ever been told
By so many people
That you long ago lost count,
That you don’t fit in.
That people don’t talk with you.
Don’t become your friend.

Because they know they have nothing
In common with you.

That’s a funny way of saying
That they don’t like you.
And avoid you.
Because you’re different
From them.

People are afraid of me.
I know.
Because I live
Every day of life
With a disease
They don’t understand.
And they don’t want to.

Because if they understood
The disease that’s part of me.
They’d come to realize
How very much
It’s a part of them.


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