He Was On CNN

[Author’s Note : I had to write this. This is what I should have written for #ThursThreads. But, it’s OK that I didn’t get it done for that. I’m still learning. And besides. I’m having fun. It will be interesting to see what happens Monday.]

Tommy sat in his car, in the parking lot of the building he once worked in. When he used to have a life. When people used to care if he was alive or dead. When he mattered. Before they’d laid him off. A disposable human resource. “Your services are no longer needed. We’re sorry.” And they threw him away.

Three years he’d been trying to find work. They’d known he wouldn’t. He’d never work again. Maybe greeting people at Wal-Mart. He’d refused that kind of work. A man has his pride. His self-respect.

He worked in a grocery store. A cashier! Mowed other people’s yards to earn extra cash. His wife left him. Took the kids. Lost his home. Lived in a trailer park. Could barely pay the bills. Sometimes, he had a choice. Electricity or food.

Well… Today, Tommy would make sure they knew what they’d done to him. He looked at the passenger seat. A little fertilizer and nitro-methane. A good 600 pounds worth.

At 11:00, Tommy turned his car on, put it in gear, and drove it through the front doors of the building. They’d remember him for this. It was a much better monument than a cold stone in a manicured cemetery.

The story of the explosion was the lead story on CNN that night.


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