Once Upon A Time : The Fairy Figurine

The sculptor placed his latest fairy on his workshop table, surrounded by red velvet roses. “If I got it right, please let me know,” then he went to bed.

During the night, a fairy came out, and looked at the roses. She smiled, then walked up to the figure. She looked at every detail, touching the figure here, and there. Subtly, the figure changed. It’s neck got a touch longer, and more slender. The curve of the breasts got slightly smaller. The corset grew a touch snugger in the waist, and a touch more lowly cut. The skirt split grew up higher on the thigh. The fairy stepped back, and looked at the figure once more. She smiled. The figure looked more alive.

The fairy then took flight. She reached into a bag on her waist, and pulled out a handful of gold dust. She sprinkled that on the figure. The figure’s colors came to life. Its clothing looked more like cloth. Its hair grew fine detail that could not be made by hand. The figures eyes seemed to shine, with real eyelashes, and eyebrows. The figure seemed to smile.

The fairy then flew through the house, to where the sculptor slept. She put her hands upon his lips and smiled. “I like your work so very much, my friend”. Then she disappeared, as if she never was.

When the sculptor woke he raced to his workshop. With one glance he knew that she had been there. The changes she had made were magic to his eyes. His heart no longer ached, and his soul no longer cried.

He left the figure among the roses. Everyone that visited his shop noticed it. No matter what they felt, anger or sadness, laughter or tears, when they saw that figure, they found their smile again.

Someday the person the fairy meant the figure for would come through his door. They would take it home, and their heart would never ache, or their soul cry tears of pain again, in all the days life gave to them.

347 Words


8 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time : The Fairy Figurine

    • I had a great time coming up with the idea, and then trying to put it into words. Thank you and Anna both for putting this contest together. I’ve had the chance to read wonderful fairy tales by some really good writers that I would likely have never found without your efforts.

    • Thank you for giving me the chance to share a story that I hope helps some people smile. If only for a little while. That is such a priceless gift to me. Thank you for bringing such wonderful writers, and wonderful stories to someplace I can find them. This has been such fun for me.

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